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Iron Horse Organics mission is to provide individuals with a wide range of USDA Certified Organic Pharmaceutical Grade, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil containing all the cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in hemp. We offer consistent, pure, and premium products which support wellness, enhance health and add quality to daily living for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.


Iron Horse Organics mission is to provide individuals with a wide range of USDA Certified Organic Pharmaceutical Grade, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil containing all the cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in hemp, which can help support those seeking a healthier lifestyle. Everyday there are more stories emerging of how lives are being transformed by Hemp Cannabinoids. Our goal is to provide this amazing compound to as many people as possible.

Our Premium Hemp+ oil based products are the only USDA Certified Organic home grown in the USA. Our strain provides the most potent and effective high cannabinoid raw hemp flower, rich in a complete blend of full-spectrum cannabinoids and essential terpenes while maintaining very low levels of THC of no greater than 0.3 of 1 %.

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“I was able to replace my anti-anxiety medication using CBD Capsules by Iron Horse Organics. I feel better, sleep better and have no drowsiness at all during the day when I have to use my vape.” Jordan R.

Jordan R.

CBD?...I love it, I take it when I need it and don't wake up with no foggy head. CBD has helped me get off Ambien, and I actually feel more refreshed in the morning- like I slept deeper. Jack D.

Jack D.

I stumbled upon Iron Horse Organics CBD Rescue Rub and CBD capsules while competing in a 1/2 marathon last year and OMG - it's the BEST recovery product I have found to date. I highly recommend Iron Horse Organics products as a must have for anyone's workout bag!

Josalynn M.

"I had a total knee replacement a couple of years ago and I have been struggling ever since. Limping in pain so badly that I have had to call off work way too often Since surgery, I have to take 800mg Motrin morning and night and 1000 mg Tylenol extra strength morning and night because of the pain. After a reference from my sister about Iron Horse Organics CBD ointment and capsules, I ordered a 6 month supply of both. I been on IHO's CBD products for only 2 weeks and I am off the Motrin and the Tylenol and am walking well now..." Read more.

Jana H.

CBD is just amazing!! After years of being a painting contractor, I would wake up hurting in places I never knew existed......Iron Horse Organics CBD gives me that "hurts so good" feeling. CBD supplements have enhanced energy and literally has reduced my pain levels to near zero.

Maurice C.

I've been a heavy smoker for years, annoying cough - so much so I sounded like a horn honking! I never ever thought I could quit smoking. But much to my own surprise, Iron Horse Organics CBD Capsules and CBD Vape Oil helped me to quick smoking cigarettes completely. None of their products have nicotine, which I though I couldn't live without. I’ve completely stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes in less than a week!

Robbie D.

Iron Horse Organics are some of the best holistic products I've added into my daily program. It's exactly what I need to help get my day started off literally pain free. The IHO customer service team is very down to earth and quick to answer any questions I have. As a former athlete (in my 20's), I know a lot about exercising and getting in shape. However, now as a middle age CPA I'm feeling the effects of the activities I've put my body through. Iron Horse Organics CBD products have changed all that for me. Now I when I wake up in the morning I feel motivated...almost like I have my old body, or rather a new body for today. ~R.Gregory

R. Gregory

I was introduced to this product by my boss who gave me a small amount while on a movie shoot where I'm a set builder. I have chronic arthritis in several areas of my body, especially in my hands. My work requires me I’m to be very physically active, however, I can’t go through a full day without Iron Horse Organics CBD Pain Salve. It has reduced my swelling and solved the painful problems that hinder my work productivity. I’m so thankful for this product.

Shaun R.

Since I was a kid I have suffered with insomnia. I stumbled on Iron Horse Organics website and found their CBD capsules to be hands down the best sleep aide on the market today. CBD helps with my anxiety. Sometimes I can’t sit still and I'll just pace around the house. CBD capsules helps me settle down so I can get a normal nights sleep.

Bev G.


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