Iron Horse Organics mission is to provide individuals with a wide range of  Pharmaceutical Grade, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil containing all the cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in hemp, which can help support those seeking a healthier lifestyle. Everyday there are more stories emerging of how lives are being transformed by Hemp Cannabinoids. Our goal is to provide this amazing compound to as many people as possible.

Our Premium Hemp+ oil based products are home grown in the USA. Our strain provides the most potent and effective high CBD (cannabinoid) raw hemp flower, rich in a complete blend of full-spectrum cannabinoids and essential terpenes while maintaining very low levels of THC of no greater than 0.3 of 1 %.

Through a unique process the essential cannabinoids and terpenes are slowly extracted without the use of solvents or chemicals.

“Hemp Cannabidoil  products are swiftly becoming the new face of wellness. No matter what your goal is, Iron Horse Organics products bring a whole new meaning to a healthy mind and healthy body!!”  ~Lorri S. Moore, Founder – Iron Horse Organics